Te Korowai

Te Korowai

Commercial & Retail

Te Korowai is the home of Presbyterian Support Upper South Island.

The building houses their administration team and social service delivery functions.

The large western roof that overhangs the entrance represents arms reaching out to welcome and embrace the wider community in to the building.

Inside the building has been designed to have quiet and calm spaces that offer safety, acceptance, character and reflection.


A few words from our client:

“The team at Dalman took time and effort to understand how our organisation operated and what we thought was important in terms of the look and feel of our building. The Dalman team did a great job facilitating our thoughts and coming up with ideas that worked well for us.

Dalman were always quick to respond to us, and we felt that cooperation and collaboration between the team was strong. The design of Te Korowai is contemporary, creative and it is a comfortable environment in which to work.”

Rosalie Lau, Presbyterian Support
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