Haus Espresso Coffee Kiosk

Haus Espresso Coffee Kiosk

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A contemporary compact cafe specifically designed to fit within a few car park spaces. Located in a busy retail precinct in Christchurch, Haus Espresso Coffee Kiosk was designed to a tight budget and built within just 8 weeks. 

The raw aesthetic of the building aims to create a ‘pop up’ feel that celebrates the simplicity and craft of its all timber construction. Structure and finish are pared back to be one.

Timber bifold windows are used to connect the interior and exterior seating spaces and allow the direct service from the barista for takeaway coffee orders.

The building was highly commended in the 2020 NZ Wood Timber Design Awards, with the judges commenting that "the use of materials for structure, cladding and necessary business functions were well thought out, and the result is a very inviting atmosphere and interpretation of a place to grab and enjoy a coffee".


A few words from our client:

“We were overwhelmed by the quality and uniqueness of the design. The combination beautiful timber and bifold windows for natural light create such a warm atmosphere in such a small space. People are truly drawn to the building and on a daily basis we answer questions about the design. We know it has been a source of inspiration for many of our customers building homes and studios.”

Hannah Collins, Owner, Haus Espresso
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