Sliding House

Sliding House


This new five bedroom family home balances on top of an exposed rolling hill with expansive views toward the Southern Alps and surrounding farmland.
The house is configured as three separate structures that reveal themselves in turn as one travels up the driveway.


A few words from our client:

“Working with Dalman Architects was an incredibly rewarding experience. Their ability to take our vision and conceptual instructions and turn it into a work of art was incredible. We wanted to showcase what can be done with innovative construction methodologies. They were able to do this with aplomb. The use of contemporary technologies such as geothermal heating, energy saving LED lighting and revolutionary cladding and roofing systems are just a few of the showcase pieces of construction. Nothing was spared in ensuring all the design elements came together as a cohesive whole. The use of polished concrete floors, cedar cladding, exposed concrete block and a hint of steel has resulted in something that was simultaneously pleasurable to the senses, yet highly practical and liveable.”

Israel Cooper, Owner
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